Making the "American Dream" of
Home Ownership Possible!

What We Do

We make mortgage loans to Texas residents who desire to purchase a single-family home and who meet our program criteria.

Where We Do Business

The Dallas-Ft Worth-Arlington area of north Texas (“DFW Area”).

Our Clients

People residing in North Texas who want to become homeowners, but lack access to traditional forms of mortgage financing.

What We Offer

Fixed-rate mortgage loans with 30-year terms.

Our Process is Quick and Easy

We have a simple 4 step process: Our clients can realize their
dream of home ownership in as little as 30 days! 


Buyers meet with a mortgage broker to get pre-approved for a home loan.


Once approved, with help from a realtor buyers find their dream home.


A contract to purchase the home is signed. Closing details start.


Closing Day! Final step to becoming a homeowner.

Our Team

An experienced, multi-lingual Dallas-based management team with decades of experience and expertise
in the residential real estate and finance industry, and a proven and successful track record of funding
mortgage loans for first-time home buyers.

What Our Clients Say

My husband and I found and purchased our first home with the help of Mr. Scott and his daughter Alexandra. We knew we were wasting our money renting an apartment, so we really wanted to buy our own house but were afraid to do so because we did not understand the process. Mr. Scott financed a house for my sisters in 2014 so they introduced us to Mr. Scott. He has been open, honest and fair with us. We absolutely love our new home! Thank you so much Mr. Scott!

Sarai and her husband Miguel

My husband and I are so happy we met Mr. Scott. His company gave us the financing to buy our first home in 2014. Since we bought our home it has appreciated in value by over $110,000! Mr. Scott and his team have been so professional and easy to work with! God bless you Mr. Scott!

Juan and his wife Martha

We tried for years to get a bank to finance our purchase of a house. We were tired of wasting our money on rent. We were so happy that we met Mr. Scott and his team. They sold us our home at a great price and financed the sale withfixed-rateate mortgage loan. We love our home and feel blessed that we met Mr. Scott and his team!

Jorge and his wife Alondra

Thank God I met Mr. Scott and his daughter Alex. They helped me and my wife out of a bad situation on the house I bought. Three years after we bought the property with their help, we resold that house and made a profit of $80,000, which we used to make a down payment on a larger house. Mr. Scott and his team are honest and trustworthy, and we recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing their first home.

Jose and his wife Martha

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